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Among his many prestigious clients, Shawn Skylark has tuned for the San Francisco Symphony and the Monterey Jazz Festival. He was the head technician at UC Berkeley Music Department for three years, and still maintains pianos at Skywalker Ranch for Lucas Films.

"Because I perform all over the world, I have had the pleasure of working with the finest piano technicians, who service the concert instruments for the great symphony orchestras. But for over ten years, the technician I call to tune, voice, and maintain the Bosendorfer piano at my home in San Francisco is Shawn Skylark. Thanks, Shawn!"
− Garrick Ohlsson, October 2008

(Note: Mr. Ohlsson is one of the most highly acclaimed concert pianists performing in the world today. He received the 2008 Grammy award for "Best Classical Recording." )

"Shawn Skylark is the wizard who keeps my 7'4", 92-key Bösendorfer in top shape. His regulation is utterly perfect throughout and his voicing is simply magical. Of course the pitch is dead-on and stable. Skylark is quite simply the best, most talented and exacting tuner I've ever met. His ear is critical and sensitive; his ability to accurately describe intangible sound qualities and the corresponding machine world physics, and his heart (the empathy and compassion for how I want my piano to sound) are equally impressive and unique qualities. In short, it is a joy to own and play a fine Skylark-maintained instrument."

− Mark Applebaum, Ph.D.
Stanford University Associate Professor of Music

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Skylark Piano Service. Shawn has taken the time to encourage me, support me and educate me about my Schimmel. Thank you, Shawn for creating a level of trust that goes beyond the tuning of my piano. Your attention to detail, your skills and your passion for the instrument and music inspire me. I truly appreciate your guidance. You never fail to remind me to always have fun and be in the moment.

I encourage anyone who is purchasing a piano, or owns one to retain the services of Shawn and his team. The attention and service you will receive to maintain the integrity of your instrument will be superb, without a doubt."

−John Clempson, Napa CA

"In our new church auditorium, we have been blessed with two gorgeous (and expensive) Bosendorfer concert grand pianos AND two smaller Schimmel grands.

When I took my first piano lessons as a child in North Dakota, I never would have dreamed that I would have such magnificent resources available for every service.

We want to be sure to take good care of such a treasure, and I am thankful that Shawn Skylark has handled this task magnificently. We are delighted with our instruments, and we are delighted with the fine man who takes care of them. I feel spoiled to be surrounded by the best of the best."

− Mike Zachary, D.M.A.
North Valley Baptist Church, Santa Clara CA

"Shawn Skylark remains the one and only pianist and technician with enough talent and patience to tune and voice my pianos. As the owner of a well established singing studio for over 23 years in San Francisco and Hollywood, I always use the very best accompanists, and it is imperative that my Steinway be voiced and tuned to it's best attainable state.

Shawn Skylark and I met after I had been through every "great" tuner in the Bay Area, and finally someone said, "I know who to send you; you need Shawn Skylark, he is the best of all of us." 25 years later he is still the master and the only genius I will allow to work on my pianos.

Thank you, Shawn, for all your mastery."

−- Shari Carlson, Owner
Studio 300, San Francisco

"Shawn Skylark has been taking care of my grand piano since I had purchased it eight years ago. His knowledge of piano tuning is vast and directly helped me to enjoy the beautiful sound of my Petrof grand piano through all these years. He treats the instruments like they were his own children and knows the history, in detail, of the piano he is taking care of. As a piano teacher, I desire my piano to be in the best of condition at all times and I know I can rely on Shawn's expertise. I highly recommend his services. "

− Darja Koehler, Walnut Creek, CA
B.A. Piano performance

"I have a 1934 Steinway M which had new strings and action replaced in 1964. Four years ago I had a very educational and easy consultation with Shawn about restringing and redoing the action. Shawn did a fantastic job. It immediately felt much more responsive to play and sounded wonderful. Four years later it has really settled in. The Steinway and I could not be happier. Thanks Shawn. "

− Jim Nirenstein, Pleasanton, CA

"Shawn Skylark knows more about pianos that anyone I have ever met, hands down. He is not merely a piano tuner, he is an artist who can turn A piano into YOUR piano. He is a master of the instrument, but more that that he is interested getting to the heart of what the client needs and making it happen.

Shawn is meticulous, patient and thorough; he seems to intuitively grasp the thing that makes each instrument unique and bring it forward, without ever losing sight that it is the clients ear, not his, that matters. "

− Geoff Riley, M.D.

“Thank you for being such a great piano technician. I know I can count on you to expertly keep my pianos in top shape. You generously share your knowledge and your advice has always been accurate. I recommend you to anyone who is serious about keeping their instrument at its best.”

−Janet Brueshaber Kaminsky, NCTM

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